The Company

Trinity Metals specializes in recycling non-ferrous metals, magnesium and specialty metals, E-scrap, ferrous metals, fiber and plastics.  Our 420 S. Kitley Ave. facility is  R2 &RIOS Certified.

Our History

Normet, a Division of TVF, Inc was founded in August of 2001 by one of the Principals of Trinity Metals

Trinity Metals was founded on June 3, 2008

Trinity Metals purchased the assets and tradestyle of Normet, a division of TVF, Inc on August 28, 2008 from TVF, Inc.

Trinity Metals is an affiliated company with CNA Metals based out of Houston, Texas

Trinity Metals is made up of the following Divisions

Wholesale Non-Ferrous Metals Division

E-Scrap Recycling Division

Magnesium and Specialty Metal Processing Division

Industrial and Retail Recycling Division – Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Fiber and Plastics

Contact us for more information about our company at or at 317-358-8265