Trinity Metals Sells both Domestically and for Export 

Exporters and Buyers are Welcome to Contact us at or 317-358-8265

Trinity Metals is an experienced exporter of Non-Ferrous Metals and has an AQSIQ License, CCIC Inspection Account and a full time domestic and export traffic department

  • Both Trinity Metals Production Facilities have LUDLUM Radiation Detectors and Certified Truck and Small Scales

Recycled Metals and Materials that we Sell Include:

Nickel Based Alloys

201 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel 400 Series Stainless Steel Other Stainless Alloys – All Grades Stainless Steel Turnings/Shavings High Temp & Aerospace Alloys Titanium Scrap & Turnings – All Grades


Bare Bright #1 Copper #2 Copper Light Copper Leaded Light Copper #1 ICW – All Grades #2 ICW – All Grades


Yellow Brass Red Brass Semi Red Brass Hard Brass 70/30 Brass 360 Rod Brass Solids & Borings Auto Radiators Cupro Nickel – All Grades


Sow Ingot Litho Sheet MLC 6061, 6063 Bare & Painted Extrusions Sheet Aluminum Cast Aluminum Irony Aluminum Aluminum Gas Meters Alucobond Aluminum Copper Radiators Irony Aluminum Copper Radiators


Clean Soft Lead Wheel Weights Range Lead Lead Shot Clean Zinc Irony Zinc Carburetors Electric Motors Alternators Starters Transformers DC Motors Meatballs Aluminum Copper Radiator Ends Copper Bearing Scrap

Plastics – ABS, HDPE and Mixed Plastics