We Buy Magnesium Scrap – Domestically and Import

Trinity Metals is one of the largest post consumer Magnesium Scrap Processors in the United States.  We produce custom made Mill Ready Magnesium Scrap for our Customers in a variety of forms and packaging at an economical price.  All of our products that can be Direct Charged into Secondary Aluminum Furnaces

Our products are custom made for each customer and we can offer an Iron, Paint, and Oil free product that is free of fines with a known chemical composition

We are always buying Magnesium Scrap in the following forms:

Class 1 Heavy Gauge Magnesium Die Cast Scrap

Class 2 Light Gauge Magnesium Die Cast Scrap

Magnesium Scrap with Steel or Aluminum Inserts

Post Consumer Magnesium Scrap


We also stock the following Specialty Metals and Hardners

Magnesium Ingot – Pure 99.8% and 90/10
99% Chromium, Manganese, Copper and Iron Powder – Packaged in Direct Charge Alumium Cans

Copper Chops
Ferro Chrome
Iron Powder
Nickel Shot & Buttons
Silicon Metal
Titanium Waffle
TiBor Coil – All Grades