Trinity Metals Mission Statement


We strive to the “Gold Standard in Recycling” in our chosen markets by providing superior service to our vendors and customers, and outstanding career opportunities for our employees, while consistently delivering industry leading returns to our shareholders.

 Our Shared Values


  • Service to our customers and vendors is our first priority.
  • We are dedicated to doing the right thing at all times to the best of our ability.
  • We are dedicated to helping our vendors find the very best markets for their materials.
  • We are dedicated to providing fair and accurate receiving reports.
  • We are dedicated to open and honest communications with our customers and vendors and with each other.
  • We are committed to maintaining disciplined operations and business practices.
  • We operate our functional areas as if we owned them personally.
  • We are passionate about becoming better and more efficient at what we do.
  • We are always accountable for our individual actions and those of our teams.
  • We learn from our mistakes; we do not bury them.
  • We lend a hand to each other rather than point a finger at one another.
  • We handle all materials through re-use, recover, and dispose hierarchy.
  • We meet customer requirements.
  • Management’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its services (plan-do-check-act methodology), and maintaining a proper Focus Materials Management Plan through interacting processes.
  • We uphold the main principles and intentions of the organization in regards to the relationship of our overall quality, environmental, health & safety performance for our materials, products, and our customers and vendors accordingly.
  • We will manage our processes and our employees to become more efficient through proper documentation.
  • Our Policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing objectives and goals/targets. Our Policy is documented, implemented, maintained, communicated and understood by all employees.
  • Trinity Metals, Inc. pledges to implement, operate, review, and amend (as necessary and appropriate) the systems in place to further enhance overall performance.
  • Our main goals and commitments are to:
    • Properly educate our workforce regarding focus materials.
    • Thoroughly educate our workforce regarding the company`s policy and objectives.
    • Constantly review and revise the training questions and advise the workforce of any changes or additions. 

      This policy will be communicated and made available, in regards to the performance of our systems to: thepublic,suppliers,customers,contractorsand all otherinterestedparties.




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